The Acne-Fighting benefits of Benzac AC Wash

Start your journey to better self-confidence and beat acne with the Benzac range of products. Benzac AC5 Wash 100g is a registered medicine indicated to treat mild-to-moderate acne. The active ingredient of Benzac AC5 100g Wash is Benzoyl Peroxide. Each 100g of Benzac AC5 Wash contains 5g of the active ingredient.

Effectiveness of Benzoyl Peroxide in the Treatment of Acne

Benzoyl Peroxide is an antimicrobial agent that destroys surface and ductal bacterial organisms and yeasts. It is effective against inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions and works by killing up to 95% of acne-causing bacteria. Its effectiveness is clinically proven, and it has been found to destroy bacteria but not induce antibiotic resistance. Studies have found that combining Benzoyl Peroxide with Acrylate Copolymer increases the effectiveness of the formulation to reduce acne lesions in number and severity. This makes Benzac AC5 Wash extra effective! Aside from Benzoyl Peroxide, Benzac AC5 Wash 100g contains a water-based formula that cleanses skin without irritating it. The formula hydrates skin by releasing glycerin, and the acrylic bead formulation absorbs excess sebum to reduce oiliness. In studies, it was found that adequate moisturisation is vital in acne treatments, helping the skin tolerate the treatment and preventing trans-epidermal water loss. This means that your skin will stay moisturised, aiding in the healing process.

How to Use Benzac AC5 Wash 100g

The Benzac AC5 100g Wash is ideal for treating larger areas of the body like the back or shoulders, but it can be used on any area of the skin affected by the acne vulgaris. It may be used in combination with other acne treatments or on its own. It is, however, strongly recommended that a 30+SPF sunblock be used with Benzac AC5 Wash, as Benzoyl Peroxide can increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun. If you are using this product because your doctor or dermatologist has prescribed it, ensure you follow their directions carefully. At the start of the treatment, some users have experienced skin irritation such as peeling, itching, or redness. These reactions tend to decrease within five days.

The amount applied, time of application, and further details of use of the product will be influenced by the condition and diagnosis of your skin. Typically, Benzac AC5 Wash 100g is used to wash the affected areas once or twice a day by gently working up a lather on the skin for ten or twenty seconds. Then rinse off, pat dry, and apply further moisturising and sun protecting products following your doctor or skin specialist’s directions. Avoid the eyes, mouth, nostrils, and contact with hair, clothing, and furnishings. Benzoyl Peroxide may bleach hair and fabrics. A very small percentage of people who are sensitive to the ingredients in Benzac AC5 Wash 100g may experience an allergic reaction. If this happens, immediately contact your doctor or dermatologist. We suggest that you consult with your medical professional before using this product.