How Benzac AC5 Gel 15G & 40G can heal your acne

Benzac®AC 5 15G & 40G: The Benzac gel comes in two sizes, 15g and 40g. The efficacy of Benzoyl Peroxide to eradicate acne lesions on the skin is renowned worldwide. Benzac AC5 Gel contains this potent ingredient and more to help beat acne and get back your confidence. The Benzac range of products includes the gel, the wash, a cleanser, and a moisturiser that work together to treat mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris.

Used together with the wash, cleanser, and moisturiser, Benzac AC5 Gel has the power to fight acne and the bacteria that cause it. It has been proven that results can be seen within five days! Benzac AC5 Gel is a registered medicine.

The Combination Acne-Killing Power of Benzoyl Peroxide and Acrylate Copolymer

Benzoyl Peroxide has many uses, but multiple dermatological studies have proven it is a valuable antimicrobial agent that destroys surface and ductal bacterial organisms and yeasts. It kills up to 95% of acne-causing bacteria and has proven effective against inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions. Antibiotic resistance can be built up with products that fight bacteria like antibiotics, but clinical studies showed that using Benzoyl Peroxide won’t induce antibiotic resistance in your skin.

The Benzac AC5 Gel contains a potent mix of two powerful elements that have been proven to be more effective in research groups and studies at reducing acne lesions in number and severity. The combination of Benzoyl Peroxide with Acrylate Copolymer makes Benzac AC5 Wash better at fighting acne than a product containing only Benzoyl Peroxide.

By itself, Benzoyl Peroxide has comedolytic and antibacterial effects. Thanks to the dual action powerful combo in Benzac AC5 Gel (15g or 40g), the gel also hydrates skin and reduces excess sebum (or oiliness), one of the four known causes or significant factors in acne vulgaris. In studies, it was found that adequate moisturisation is vital in acne treatments, helping the skin tolerate the treatment and preventing trans-epidermal water loss. This means that your skin will stay moisturised, aiding in the healing process.

How to Use Benzac AC5 Gel 15g or 40g

The Benzac AC5 100g Wash is ideal for treating uninflamed or inflamed acne on the face, neck, and shoulders, but it can be used on any area of the skin affected by the acne vulgaris. For best results, use it in combination with the Benzac AC5 wash, cleanser, and moisturiser as directed by your skin specialist or doctor. We also strongly recommend that you use a 30+SPF sunblock because Benzoyl Peroxide increases skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

It’s important to note that many people experience symptoms like skin dryness, irritation, peeling, itchiness, and redness within the first few days of using this treatment. Studies show that this is actually a sign that your skin is not resistant to the treatment. If you are using the product because your medical professional prescribed it to you, remember that they have considered these symptoms already. Keep following their instructions carefully, and you will see results in as little as a week.

Many people lose out on the full effectiveness of Benzac AC5 Gel because they give up on the treatment too soon. Don’t let early symptoms deter you from your goal. The condition and diagnosis of your skin will also affect how you experience Benzac AC5 Gel, how it should be used, and the effects you see.

Benzac AC5 Gel can be applied directly to affected areas after washing or cleansing the skin. Do not wash the product off once applied. Be careful to avoid getting the gel on clothing, towels, or hair. Benzoyl Peroxide has bleaching properties. After application, apply moisturiser and sunblock or a combination of

the two. It is important to follow your doctor or skin specialist’s directions. Avoid the eyes, mouth, nostrils, and other orifices.

A very small percentage of people who are sensitive to the ingredients in Benzac AC5 Gel may experience an allergic reaction. If this happens, immediately contact your doctor or dermatologist. We suggest that you consult with your medical professional before using this product.