About us

Hi! We’re Benzac®.

We make acne products inspired by the girls and guys who use them. Here you’ll find acne solutions for real life, designed for you and your skincare routine. We believe in formulas that help you stop the cycle that’s causing those horrible breakouts. So you can go back to focusing on living your best life! It’s time to let our acne solutions finally make the changes you’ve been hoping for all this time.

Benzac AC Gel 15g

Acne treatment and education

Benzac® is indicated for the treatment of acne. Benzac® is proven to kill 95% of acne-causing bacteria in 5 days.

We needed to create a true game-changer. Something that would treat one of the causes of acne head on.

We don’t just believe in the power of benzoyl peroxide (BPO) and our own unique AC technology (acrylates copolymer) – Benzac® is proven to kill 95% of acne-causing bacteria.

Dedicated to the true cause

Dedicated to the true cause

Our focus is on your skin, but our mission is to free you from the torment of acne. We have the best teams from around the world dedicated to creating and perfecting the best possible formulations for teen acne sufferers like you.
Are you ready? Let’s face this together.